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Practice Information

This section features some brief information about the practice with further details about the doctors, nurses, the practice team and some of the many other people who contribute to help make Woodlands Medical Centre the caring family practice that it is.


Woodlands Family Medical Centre was founded back in 1922 after Dr. Beatty and Dr. Collinson retired leading the way for Dr. Manners and Dr. Irving to set up their own practice at Van Mildert House, 27 Yarm Road in Stockton.

History of the Practice

In 1932 Dr. Hunter, who also worked at Stockton and Thornaby hospital as a GP Surgeon, joined the practice, along with Dr. Manners who was a hospital physician.

In 1944 Dr. Irving retired.

In 1946 Dr. T.E. Moody joined the practice.

1948 saw the introduction of the National Health Service (NHS).

In 1949 Dr J. Stevenson joined the practice.

In 1958 Dr. I.D. Neish joined the practice and sadly died in 1993.

In 1962 Dr. J.R. Kirkpatrick Joined the practice and retired in1998.

In 1965 Dr. B.J. Russell joined the practice and retired in1999.

In 1978 Dr. R. Douglass joined the practice and retired in 2009

In 1992 Dr L.D.E. Sloan joined the practice and retired in 2013

The present partners joined the practice in the following years:

Dr JAN Slade - 1997 ---- Dr J Robinson - 1999 ----- Dr M Upton - 2002

Dr D Garg - 2009 ----- Dr JJ Harley - 1983

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