Investigation Results

Calling for Results

The practice staff can advise when the test result should be available at the surgery – usually within 2-5 working days – but this can take longer depending on the test. 

To obtain test results, patients should telephone 01642 631766 or call into the surgery only between 2pm - 4pm weekdays.

In the interest of confidentiality, results can only be given to the patient. We cannot discuss the results of any tests unless we have the consent of the patient in writing.

All returning test results are screening by your own doctor. The length of time a test results takes to come back varies depending on the test. If the result is abnormal we will always contact you, either by text or email or otherwise by letter instructing you to please make an appointment with a doctor to discuss the result.

The surgery will endeavour to contact you urgently in the event of a significantly abnormal result.  However, we rely on having up-to-date contact details so please ensure that you have informed us of any change of details including mobile number and/or email.


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