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Monday 12th December 2016

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Monday 4th June 2018

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Woodlands Family Medical Centre

               Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 4th June 2018



Doug (DL) - Chairman

Jennifer (JW)

Andrew (AP)

Ian (IK)

Ms Michelle Marshall (MM) - Deputy Practice Manager

Mrs Sharon Leonard (SL) – Practice Manager

Naseem (NA)



Christine (CD)

Mike (MR)



Elizabeth (EB) - Vice Chairperson

Anne (AH)


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes were accepted as being a true record.


Updates of outstanding Action points:

AP117 – MR to write to SL to not only confirm the quantities of promotion material required but also who she thought (and when) should set up everything up ready for Monday June11th - CLOSED.


AP118 – MR to contact EP with a ‘wish list’ of our requirements e.g. number of posters etc. As yet nothing has been heard from EP - ONGOING.     


AP119 – DL to compile a draft newsletter, draft version distributed and accept as ‘good to go’ however if the diabetic awareness material isn’t received (see AP118) then the newsletter would need to be amended - CLOSED.


Planned Business:

Diabetic awareness project (MR)

MR had sent his apologies and DL covered the item on MR’s behalf. As a group it was decided / agreed that if nothing is heard from EP by Thursday June 7 (at the latest) that the event would simply have to be ‘put on hold’

SL will ring DL to discuss if nothing arrives (AP120).


The health of severely handicapped / none communicating children and adults (IK)

IK discussed the above topic, in some details, so that those present had a better understanding of the problems. He went on to ask those present for their views / thoughts etc. All present felt that this was something that was way above GP level. They also stated that it was something they had every sympathy for those who were personally involved. IK stated that he had done a great deal of research etc. and would let the group know how things progress in the future.

SL suggest that he should contact Dr. Paul Williams as he is now one of the local MPs.


Practice Accommodation / Information:

SL announced that there would be two new GP registrars joining the practice in August, both are female. She also informed those present that a new receptionist had recently started.


Any Other business:

AP asked how often the reception area blood pressure and weighing machines were checked / calibrated. SL confirmed annually.


Meeting closed at 2:40 pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 23rd July 2018 at 1.30pm


Outstanding / New Action Points

AP118 – MR to contact EP with a ‘wish list’ of our requirements e.g. number of posters etc.


AP120 – SL to contact DL on Thursday (June 7th) to discuss how we proceed with the diabetic awareness week, all dependent on AP118 / EP.