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Monday 12th December 2016

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Monday 23rd July 2018

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Woodlands Family Medical Centre

               Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 23rd July 2018


Doug (DL) - Chairman

Ian (IK)

Mrs Sharon Leonard (SL) – Practice Manager

Mike (MR)

Elizabeth (EB) - Vice Chairperson

Christine (CD)

Anne (AH)



Ms Michelle Marshall (MM) - Deputy Practice Manager

Jennifer (JW) & Andrew (AP)



Naseem (NA)


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes were accepted as being a true record.


Updates of outstanding Action points:

AP118 – MR to contact EP with a ‘wish list’ of our requirements e.g. number of posters etc. See planned business -- CLOSED.

AP120 – SL to contact DL on Thursday (June 7th) to discuss how we proceed with the diabetic awareness week, all dependent on AP118 / EP. See planned business -- CLOSED.    


Planned Business:

Review of the Diabetic awareness week / project (MR)

MR expressed his disappointment with the promotional material that we had been sent by Emma Parke Diabetes UK (see AP118) and went on to ask what we (WPPG) thought – all those present echoed his sentiments.

DL stated that due to the lack of material and also the short time scales he made the decision that members weren’t required to be in attendance, at the practice, anytime during the awareness week (see AP120).

However even with the disappointments it was believed that we, WPPG, should try to promote this issue when it’s the awareness week next year. With that in mind it was agreed that we would start much earlier so that we would be ready when the date arrived. We would also attempt to contact other local PPGs to advise them about what we would be doing etc.

IK suggested that we should contact Sunderland Diabetics.

MR was actioned to compile a letter that WPPG would send to Emma. -- DL, SL, CD & JW to have sight of the draft prior to emailing. AP121 MR


Practice Accommodation / Information:

SL restated that there would be two new GP registrars joining the practice in August, both are female – see June 4th 2018 minutes.

SL informed the group that Jan Howcroft, the nurse practitioner, would be full time from August 1st


Any Other business:

AH asked if DL had been contacted by Mohammed Riaz as he was now the chair of a local PPG (to be confirmed). DL stated that he hadn’t received anything. However as inter PPG contact / co-operation was something he had promoted, on numerous occasions, he would look forward to any future communication / contact.


DL also reminded those present that we would have to not only carry out the annual ratification of the constitution but also carry out the election of officers in September. Therefore members should give those two areas some thought, especially anybody who wouldn’t be able to attend the September meeting.

DL also asked, now that the diabetic awareness week is over, for the WPPG notice board to be turned back to its usual position, so it can be seen by patients. SL stated it could / would be. AP122 SL


SL gave her apologies as she wouldn’t be at the next meeting.


DL closed by asking the group to give some thought to ways in which we could possibly encourage ‘new’ members, as this was something we urgently required.


Meeting closed at 2:35 pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 3rd September 2018 at 1.30pm       


Outstanding / New Action Points

AP121 MR to compile a letter, on behalf of the group, that will be sent to Ms Emma Parke Diabetes UK.


AP122 SL to arrange for the WPPG notice board to be turned back to its usual position.