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Woodlands Family Medical Centre

               Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 29th April 2019



Doug (DL) - Chairman

Mike (MR)

Ian (IK)

Jennifer (JW)

Michelle (MM) - Deputy Practice Manager

Alison (AQ) – Woodlands medical staff

Anne (AH)



Sharon (SL) – Practice Manager

Andrew (AP)



Elizabeth (EB) - Vice Chairperson

Naseem (NA)


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes were accepted as being a true record.


Matters arising from the minutes:



Updates of outstanding Action points:

AP125 SL to ask the partners / GPs if and or how WPPG could help to encourage health - ONGOING.


AP132 MR to email EP again and ask the promotional material to be sent out as soon as possible marked FAO MM. MR is still waiting for EP to confirm when this material will be available - ONGOING.


AP135 MR / BB to resend the letter about our plans etc. for diabetic awareness week to Anita Fisher (Alma St) as she couldn’t recall receiving the original one that she had been sent. A copy letter has been sent - CLOSED.


AP136 DL to produce a ‘recruitment’ poster.

Discussion took place around a selection of possible / potential posters. DL will now work on the preferred two and circulate the amended / updated possibilities for members to review etc. - ONGOING.


AP137 DL to compile an availability list of volunteers for the week June 10 -14 Inc – attendances would cover both the diabetic and WPPG awareness. DL read out an email from SL stating that WPPG members shouldn’t / couldn’t get involved in anything clinical, all in attendance agreed / thought any advice should come from the practice. Also regarding WPPG awareness it was agreed that members would consider how we should proceed – new AP for all. Original AP - CLOSED.


Planned Business:

Review of the Diabetic awareness week / project (MR)

MR informed those present on his progress to date.


Raising the profile of WPPG

As previously stated this was an ongoing issue and one that we needed to continually consider. DL referred to what had been discussed / agreed with AP 136

AH suggested that if some basic / generic PPG poster, informing people about what a PPG is and or is involved in, could be created she would be willing to pass it on to Catalyst so that they could (hopefully) cover it in their publication. All agreed it was something that was worth trying. AP DL will compile a generic document / poster. When complete AP for AH to contact Catalyst with the document / poster at attempt publication / circulation.


Practice Accommodation / Information:

Nothing to discuss / mention.


Any Other business:

IK asked about the rating on NHS choices MM asked what site he was looking at. IK stated various sites MM closed by saying she would look into this, however she couldn’t discuss specific entries etc. AP MM


DL informed the group that he wanted to warn them that due to ongoing personal family problems he could be having to miss numerous meetings and if that was the case he thought it wouldn’t be ideal if he remained the chair. He closed by saying that, hopefully, he should be at the next meeting so he would still chair that meeting. 


Meeting closed at 2:30pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 3rd June 2019 at 1.30pm


Outstanding / New Action Points

AP125 SL to ask the partners / GPs if and or how WPPG could help to encourage health.


AP132 MR to email EP again and ask the promotional material to be sent out as soon as possible marked FAO MM.


AP136 DL to produce a ‘recruitment’ poster.


AP138 ALL Members to consider how we should proceed with WPPG awareness.


AP139 DL to compile a generic PPG document / poster.


AP140 AH to contact Catalyst with the document / poster, see AP139, to see if they would be willing to publish / circulate this.


AP141 MM to check NHS choices to check on the ratings for Woodlands.


These are abridged minutes, if you’re interested in know more about any of the above please contact the practice / check on the website for WPPG contact details.