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                                      Woodlands Family Medical Centre

               Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 4th Mar 2019



Doug (DL) - Chairman

Ian (IK)

Jennifer (JW)

Naseem (NA)

Elizabeth (EB) - Vice Chairperson

Mike (MR)

Alison (AQ) – Woodlands medical staff

Michelle (MM) - Deputy Practice Manager

Dr Garg (DG) – Clinical Representative



Sharon (SL) – Practice Manager

Anne (AH)

Andrew (AP)


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes were accepted as being a true record.


Matters arising from the minutes:



Updates of outstanding Action points:

AP125 SL to ask the partners / GPs if and or how WPPG could help to encourage health - ONGOING.

AP130 DL to contact MC in order to get the meeting dates for 2019 on to not only the WPPG section of the website but also on the WPPG notice board, completed - CLOSED  

AP131 MR to attempt to contact other local practices & supermarkets about our proposals for Diabetes Awareness week, done - CLOSED.

AP132 MR to email EP and ask the promotional material for the Diabetes Awareness week - ONGOING

AP133 DL to speak to Rowlands pharmacy about us displaying a poster, near to their counter, re the WPPG – done - CLOSED      

AP134 MM to check both the nurses and the Branch waiting areas to see what, if any, posters / information exist regarding WPPG, done - CLOSED


Planned Business:

Review of the Diabetic awareness week / project (MR)

As previously discussed (see relevant outstanding APs above) MR outlined the progress / future plans. The group thanked MR for his continued commitment to this project, this is something that he is very passionate about and as such he’s gladly taken the “lead role”.

MR closed by confirming that June 10 – 16 would be the dates for the awareness week this year.


Raising the profile of WPPG

As previously stated this was an ongoing issue and one that we needed to continually consider. DL referred to AP 133 & 134 and said that he would produce a poster in an attempt to generate some interest.

MR suggested that may be a PPG awareness week could be ‘run’ at the same time as the diabetic awareness. This suggestion was discussed and in principle agreed.


Practice Accommodation / Information:

Nothing to discuss / mention.


Any Other business:

Dr Garg attended the meeting in order to inform the group about Primary Care Networks (PCNs), further information would be made available as / when anything is received / known.


Meeting closed at 2:20pm

The next meeting will be held on Monday 29th April 2019 at 1.30pm


These are abridged minutes, if you’re interested in know more about any of the above please contact the practice / check on the website for WPPG contact details.