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Monday 12th December 2016

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Monday 13th January 2020

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          Woodlands Family Medical Centre

               Notes of a meeting of WPPG held on Monday 13th January 2020


Doug (DL) – Chair

Dr Garg (DG) - GP

Ian (IK)

Mrs Quinn (AQ) – Reception Supervisor

Shirley (SE)

Geraldine (GD)

Stella (SM)

Mike (MR)

Elizabeth (EB) Deputy Chair

Naseem (NA)

Ms Marshall (MM) - Deputy Practice Manager



Mrs Leonard (SL) – Practice Manager



DL informed the group that he had sent out letters to AH & AP following the amendment to the constitution regarding attendances and that they realise they are no longer active WPPG members.

AP DL -- To write and pass on the groups thanks for all AH & AP’s efforts etc.  


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes were accepted as being a true record.


Matters arising from the minutes:



Updates of outstanding Action points:

AP125 -- SL to ask the partners / GPs if and or how WPPG could help to encourage health – A decision was made to close this AP as this has been open since Oct 15 2018 without any updates / resolution. If required a further AP will be created in the future. -- CLOSED


AP140 – AH to contact Catalyst with document/poster – AH confirmed that this has been placed in the Catalyst weekly newsletter for several weeks now (this goes out to over 700 groups) -- CLOSED

AP146 -- DL to check the feasibility of moving our notice board and or its information to a more visible location OR could we have a poster directing them to our board. After discussion with MM this wouldn’t be feasible BUT posters could certainly be possible directing patients to our notice board. – CLOSED


AP147 – DL to speak to the pharmacy to see if they’d be willing to have a flyer on the counter / that they could put in with the patients medication. After speaking to the pharmacist it was decided that, simply due to the lack of space etc., this request wasn’t feasible. -- CLOSED

However it was agreed that we should be able to not only have a poster directing patients to the WPPG notice board BUT we could supply the pharmacy with a list of contact information etc. New AP DL to create a poster and also supply this information to the pharmacy.

AP148 -- DL to confirm what the ‘full time’ equivalent of doctors is at Woodlands, and also when each doctor is scheduled to work. MM confirmed that the figure is 5. – CLOSED

AP149 -- DL to check if the practice is engaging another doctor. MM confirmed that at present there wasn’t any plans to engage another doctor. – CLOSED

AP150 -- DL to confirm how often the doctors / partners meet. MM confirmed that they meet monthly. – CLOSED

AP151 -- DL to check if it would be possible for a WPPG member attend a doctors meeting. MM confirmed that this wouldn’t be possible. -- CLOSED


Planned Business:

2020 meeting dates.

A lengthy discussion took place around the meeting dates for 2020, primarily around which day was the best for the majority of the members. However due to each member having certain days that they couldn’t attend it was agreed that we would leave, at this point in time,  the dates as simply week commencing. Then the specific date would be confirmed the previous meeting.


Results of the survey about services etc. at Woodlands FMC.

A healthy discussion took place on the information, with DG taking a leading role. Numerous points were covered and the overall consensus of opinion was that ‘one size does not fit all’ however what appeared to be needed was more communication on all aspects.


Diabetes Awareness week.

MR informed the group that the date for the awareness week this year would be June 8 – 14. He also asked if each member could act as a contact with a specific practice(s) in order that we maintain the momentum. This was generally thought to be a good idea and each member volunteered to deal with the following

SE – Norton

DL -- Dovecote & Densham

MR -- Tennant St & Queens Park

GD – Alma St

EB & SM – Elmtree

IK – Arrival


WPPG would basically be keeping the other practices ‘focussed / on track’. MR is still willing to liaise with Diabetes UK not only on behalf of WPPG but also for the other practices if required (as long as they supply us with a list of their requirements etc.).


Practice Accommodation / Information:



Any Other business:

DL asked if anybody would be willing to take simple notes, at each meeting, that he could then take away in order for him to compile the minutes. This request was made as he doesn’t think it is at all possible to chair a meeting and take notes. These notes can just simply be ‘bullet points’ etc. as they’re simply a reminder. GD kindly volunteered. 


Meeting closed at 3:00pm

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 27th February 2020 at 1.30pm

These are abridged minutes, if you’re interested in know more about any of the above please contact the practice / check on the website for WPPG contact details.