Woodlands Patient Participation Group (WPPG) Chairperson's annual report


I find myself asking “where does a year go?” as it’s that time, once again, when I need to write the annual report. So as usual I’d like to start by mentioning the membership itself as I’m still firmly of the opinion that this aspect of any group, WPPG included, is very important. The members of your patient participation group are patients, just like all the other registered patients. They are people who feel they can help the group achieve its primary aim of not only maintaining the patient experience, but hopefully improving it here at Woodlands FMC. Furthermore I like to put on record that the members of this group are conscientious and dedicated, giving their time freely without expecting any form of preferential treatment in return. Sadly over the past twelve months, unfortunately, the group has seen a small reduction in membership. Membership is an area that is always discussed at WPPG meetings so any ideas as to how we can stimulate further interest would be gratefully received by not only the group but myself in particular. I’ll close this section by mentioning that WPPG plays a very important role, for all the registered patients at Woodlands, as it is the link between a practice and its patients.

I’d now like to move onto how we’ve assisted the practice this year and say that members carried out face to face meetings with patients to demonstrate various online facilities. One such system is SystmOnline where, if you’re a registered patient at this practice, you can access to the following online services:- * Book & cancel appointments online. * Order your repeat prescription. * View your summary record. * Update your contact details.

** If you feel that you’d like to use, or at least explore, this system please ask at the reception for a username and password.

I’d like to now move onto communication, this is another area that I believe is vitally important and as such I am a great advocator of. I can’t stress the following point strongly enough and that is ‘People must do what they say they’ll do’ this is fundamental if we want to deliver on our promises. However we must also remember that communication is a two way process and as such every participant has to be willing listen to all sides of any discussion / issue.

I’d like to finish this particular section by confirming that WPPG has, yet again, continued its association with other PPGs in order to identify any common concerns etc.

So to recap this year has seen WPPG again being involved with the practice management in its aim of at least maintain but hopefully improve the patient experience at Woodlands.

Finally before I close I’d like to once again mention the group members themselves. Firstly I’d like to personally thank them as I truly believe that they are the embodiment of what team work is all about. Secondly I’d like to repeat that, in my opinion, the existing members will continue to work on behalf of all the Woodlands patients and I feel greatly honoured to be working with them.

Doug Chairperson WPPG April 2018

Upcoming Events

WPPG meeting at 1.30pm 29/04/2019 (41 days to go)
Woodlands Patient Participation Group will be meeting on Monday April 29th at 1.30pm.
Surgery Closed 12pm - 2pm for Educational Session 14/05/2019 (56 days to go)
The surgery will be closed for 2 hours between 12pm & 2pm on Tuesday 14th may for Educational Session. Rowlands pharmacy will remain open as usual…